Cannabis Business Management

With 80 hours of classes taught by top experts in the cannabis industry, the Cannabis Business Specialty program will allow you to acquire precise knowledge about the peculiarities of the cannabis industry and its main challenges.

You will obtain the keys to undertake a successful business based on new market trends, innovation, and social equity. Additionally, you will be able to develop your own business plan and make your idea a reality through the guidance of people willing to listen to your proposal.

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Explore the history, philosophy, and anthropology of drugs, as well as the impact of prohibition policies. Embrace social responsibility to promote positive changes in the industry.

Picture of Òscar Parés 🇪🇸

Òscar Parés 🇪🇸

Medical Anthropology and Substance History

Picture of Shahbaaz Kara-Virani 🇨🇦

Shahbaaz Kara-Virani 🇨🇦

Current State of the Industry

Picture of Polita Pepper 🇲🇽

Polita Pepper 🇲🇽

Social Narrative of Cannabis: Race, Class, and Gender

Picture of Yewande Okuleye 🇬🇧

Yewande Okuleye 🇬🇧

Social Equity

Understand productivity methods, sales strategies, and assertive feedback. Also discover team management, the value curve for differentiation, and the six thinking hats.

Picture of Stephan Kaiser 🇩🇪

Stephan Kaiser 🇩🇪

From Leadership to Business Optimization

Picture of Shahbaaz Kara- Virani 🇨🇦

Shahbaaz Kara- Virani 🇨🇦

Three Leadership Principles for the Industry

Study the taxonomy of cannabis, photosynthesis, soil for plant growth, cultivation environments, and the propagation of cannabis and clones, as well as their relationship with genetics.

Picture of Christian West 🇺🇸

Christian West 🇺🇸

Strains, Photosynthesis, Soil, and Cannabis Environments

Picture of Adam Jacques 🇺🇸

Adam Jacques 🇺🇸

The DNA of Cannabis: Taxonomy, Genetics, and Breeding

Picture of Zacariah Hildenbrand 🇨🇦

Zacariah Hildenbrand 🇨🇦

The Chemical Complexity of Cannabis

Analyze the global cannabis industry through the applications of hemp and explore the most intriguing artistic, culinary, technological, and environmental applications to create your own business plan.

Picture of Rubén Valenzuela 🇪🇸

Rubén Valenzuela 🇪🇸

Hemp Applications in the Industry

Picture of Imanol Rodríguez 🇪🇸

Imanol Rodríguez 🇪🇸

Cannabis Beyond the Stigma: Environment, Sex, and Art

Picture of Jordan Wagman 🇨🇦

Jordan Wagman 🇨🇦

Infusion of Cannabis Delicacies

Picture of Roger Obando 🇺🇸

Roger Obando 🇺🇸

Technology in the Cannabis Industry

Navigate through the regulatory currents of cannabis in different countries: Canada, United States, Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Australia are some of the countries you will discover in this module.

Picture of Robert. W.E. Laurie 🇨🇦

Robert. W.E. Laurie 🇨🇦

Regulatory Experience in Canada

Picture of Beau Whitney 🇺🇸

Beau Whitney 🇺🇸

Economy, Politics, and Cannabis Regulation in the United States

Picture of Natalia Rebollo 🇲🇽

Natalia Rebollo 🇲🇽

Latin American Legality, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development

Picture of Drew Sánchez 🇺🇸

Drew Sánchez 🇺🇸

Dual Licenses, Local Control, Taxes, Cash Flow, Purchase Legacy, and Banking System

Picture of Bernardo Soriano 🇪🇸

Bernardo Soriano 🇪🇸

European Cannabis Regulation: Special Focus on Spain

Picture of Sita Schubert 🇩🇪

Sita Schubert 🇩🇪

European Medicinal Cannabis Regulation: Special Focus on Germany and Malta

Picture of Parminder Kaur 🇮🇳

Parminder Kaur 🇮🇳

Regulation and Approval of CBD-based Products in Europe

Picture of Rodolphe Ruffié 🇫🇷

Rodolphe Ruffié 🇫🇷

Legal Advancements in Australia and Asia: Arbitration and Expansion into Foreign Markets

Picture of Tseli Khiba 🇿🇦

Tseli Khiba 🇿🇦

Cannabis Industry in Africa: Global Overview

Learn how to build an authentic and unique brand and generate effective marketing actions for your clients, understanding the value and delivering an impactful customer experience.

Picture of Arnau Valdovinos 🇪🇸

Arnau Valdovinos 🇪🇸

Disruption of Cannabis in Traditional Industries and Trends

Picture of Daniel Echevarría 🇲🇽

Daniel Echevarría 🇲🇽

Stigmas: Creating Value in the Cannabis Industry

Picture of Carey Fried 🇦🇺

Carey Fried 🇦🇺

Building an Authentic Brand

Picture of Lisa Haag 🇩🇪

Lisa Haag 🇩🇪

Global Policies, Trends, Effective Marketing, and Practical Examples

Picture of Shahbaaz Kara-Virani

Shahbaaz Kara-Virani

Optimizing Retail: Marketing, Customer Lifetime Value, and Customer Experience

Picture of Lisa Buffo 🇺🇸

Lisa Buffo 🇺🇸

Strategic Marketing: History, Regulation, and Brand Differentiation

Dive into the digital cannabis market and learn about the legal aspects to consider before venturing into this business. Discover the trends in the CBD market and explore financing options for entrepreneurial ventures.

Picture of Borja Iribarne 🇪🇸

Borja Iribarne 🇪🇸

Introduction to CBD, Financing, Management Tools, and Innovation

Picture of Lisa Buffo 🇺🇸

Lisa Buffo 🇺🇸

Regulations, Metrics, Marketing, and Content Reception

Examine global and state regulations related to the logistics and supply chain of cannabis, considering quality factors, operational criteria, and safety measures.

Picture of Steve Oliver 🇬🇧

Steve Oliver 🇬🇧

Differences between Hemp and Marijuana Supply Chains

Picture of Yoram Eshel 🇮🇱

Yoram Eshel 🇮🇱

Logistics and Supply Chain: From Seed to Sale

Learn how data analysis and the use of Data Analyst and Data Science techniques can drive your business forward. Understand the strategies and useful tools for data preprocessing and processing.

Picture of Sergio Carmona 🇪🇸

Sergio Carmona 🇪🇸

Data Analyst, Data Science y Big Data

Picture of Emily Fata 🇺🇸

Emily Fata 🇺🇸

Applications of Data Analysis for the Cannabis Industry

Understand the financial framework necessary to start your business: costs, market strategies, sales, accounting, investment, and regulatory compliance are some of the keys that will open the doors to success.

Picture of Steven Oliver 🇬🇧

Steven Oliver 🇬🇧

Regulation, Costs, Sales, Investment, and Exit Strategies

Picture of Jim Makoso 🇺🇸

Jim Makoso 🇺🇸

Financial Viability, Business Structures, and Business Plan Execution

Picture of Farida Hussain 🇨🇦

Farida Hussain 🇨🇦

Management, Investors, Trends, Sales, and Principles of Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will be able to access the course today itself. Once the payment is made, you will receive an access email that will allow you to log in to the educational platform where you will find all the necessary content to start this adventure.

The master’s degree has a total duration of 80 hours. You will set the pace of learning. However, if you dedicate an average of 30 minutes per day, the estimated time to complete would be approximately 5 months.


At The Amsterdam Institute, we believe in providing the opportunity to learn to all individuals, regardless of their previous education.

Yes, there is.

You will receive a certification as a specialist in cannabis business.

The academic program is delivered online. We have recorded high-quality video sessions with industry professionals that you can watch at your own pace and at any time. In addition, we complement our training with live sessions and webinars that you can access once enrolled in our programs.

At The Amsterdam Institute, we believe that the best way to evaluate yourself is within you.
We base our learning approach on gamification, which means teaching through games. Once the module is completed, you can test your knowledge through “escape rooms” with questions about the sessions you have watched. These “escape rooms” will gauge your level of knowledge while you have fun and learn.

On the other hand, we believe that the best way to learn is by applying what you have learned. That’s why we give you the opportunity to present a business plan so that you can develop your idea, which will be evaluated by our team of assessors.

At The Amsterdam Institute, we provide the opportunity to work on a business plan that can be presented to the Academic Council. Through a set of questions related to the content taught in the Master’s program, students can formulate their business plan. They will have the assistance of a tutor to whom they will submit different parts of the work, which will be reviewed by an evaluator who will provide necessary improvement suggestions to the student.

The three most original and innovative business plans will be presented to an Academic Council. Ultimately, the best business plan will receive a cash prize that should be invested in promoting their entrepreneurial idea.

That’s where our essence lies: we want your idea to become a reality.

You set your own pace. You will have one year from the enrollment to complete your Master’s degree.

The business plan must be submitted in the third week of August each year. The business plans will be evaluated in the first three weeks of September each year.

The three best business plans will have to present their ideas in the last week of September.

Yes, there is.

These programs are designed so that you can study while balancing other aspects of your life. Meetings with tutors will be scheduled according to your availability, allowing you to organize your time effectively.

We offer personalized tutoring to students to address their doubts and concerns. Although we are an online program, we believe in providing individualized attention to ensure success.

Additionally, we have an extensive virtual library carefully selected to support and complement the videos. This way, you can expand your knowledge with numerous articles and podcasts from various sources. We believe that information verification and knowledge expansion are essential foundations of critical and authentic education.

We are not a University Master’s program, nor are we regulated as such. We are a proprietary training program that aims to adapt to the needs and circumstances of our students through microlearning and gamification methodologies.

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