Teacher training in cannabis regulation

Thanks to the collaboration with INDEPAC (National Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Law), we have created this 18-hour program that will allow you to gain in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations related to cannabis at an international level.

Thus, you will have the necessary tools to have an overview of the legal and regulatory framework of cannabis worldwide.

You will learn about:

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Short lessons, between 15 and 30 minutes, so you can set your own learning pace.

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We take care of keeping you updated on the latest developments, guided by experts in the world of cannabis.

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Explore the evolution of cannabis consumption throughout the centuries and study the role of cannabis in different cultures and societies. Analyze the practices, beliefs, and rituals related to its consumption, as well as its influence on social dynamics.

Picture of Òscar Parés 🇪🇸

Òscar Parés 🇪🇸

Cultural diversity of drugs

Picture of Polita Pepper 🇲🇽

Polita Pepper 🇲🇽

Social Narrative of Cannabis

Explore the taxonomic classification of cannabis and its relationship with genetics, as well as the main components of the plant, the differences between cannabis and hemp, different cultivation methods, and the legal aspects associated with cannabis cultivation.

Picture of Adam Jacques 🇺🇸

Adam Jacques 🇺🇸

Cannabis: Classification, Genetics, and Cultivation

Picture of Zacariah Hildenbrand 🇨🇦

Zacariah Hildenbrand 🇨🇦

Components, Classification, and Cultivation Methods

Learn about the regulatory aspects of Europe, Canada, the United States, Latin America, and South Africa through a journey where you will understand the legal specialties and characteristics of each of these places.

Picture of Robert W.E. Laurie 🇨🇦

Robert W.E. Laurie 🇨🇦

Regulatory Experience in Canada

Picture of Rodolphe Ruffié 🇫🇷

Rodolphe Ruffié 🇫🇷

Advancements and Legal Framework of Cannabis in Australia and Asia

Picture of Tseli Khiba 🇿🇦

Tseli Khiba 🇿🇦

The Legal Landscape of Cannabis in South Africa

Picture of José Antonio Maes 🇻🇪

José Antonio Maes 🇻🇪

Cannabis Regulation in the United States and Puerto Rico

Picture of Natalia Rebollo 🇲🇽

Natalia Rebollo 🇲🇽

Latin American Legality, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development

Picture of Mauricio Mondragón 🇲🇽

Mauricio Mondragón 🇲🇽

Legal Aspects of Cannabis in Mexico

Picture of Sita Schubert 🇩🇪

Sita Schubert 🇩🇪

European Regulation: Special Focus on Germany and Malta

Picture of Bernardo Soriano 🇪🇸

Bernardo Soriano 🇪🇸

European Regulation: Special Focus on Spain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will be able to access the course today itself. Once the payment is made, you will receive an access email that will allow you to log in to the educational platform where you will find all the necessary content to start this adventure.

This Diploma has a total duration of 17 hours. You will set the pace of learning, and therefore, you can organize the viewing and completion of activities in the way that best suits your needs within a one-year period from your registration in our program.


At The Amsterdam Institute, we believe in providing the opportunity to learn to all individuals, regardless of their previous education.

Yes, there is.

You will receive a certification as a graduate in international cannabis regulation, which is endorsed by INDEPAC (National Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Law).

The academic program is delivered online. We have recorded high-quality video sessions with professionals from the cannabis industry that you can watch at your own pace and at any time. Moreover, we complement our training with live sessions and webinars that you can access once you are enrolled in our programs, allowing you to become part of our community.

At The Amsterdam Institute, we believe that the best way to evaluate yourself is within you.
We base our learning approach on gamification, which means teaching through games. Once you complete a module, you can test your knowledge through “escape rooms” with questions about the sessions you have watched. These “escape rooms” will gauge your level of knowledge while you have fun and learn. In addition, you will need to deliver a 15-minute video presentation on one of your favorite subjects, which will be evaluated by our tutors.

You set your own pace. You will have one year from the enrollment to complete all activities and watch the videos provided by Amsterdam Institute.

Yes, there is.

These programs are designed so that you can study while balancing other aspects of your life. Meetings with tutors will be scheduled according to your availability, allowing you to organize your time effectively.

We offer personalized tutoring to students to address their doubts and concerns. Even though we are an online program, we also believe in providing personalized attention to achieve success.

We have an extensive virtual library that we have selected to serve as support and complement to the videos. This way, you can expand your knowledge with numerous articles and podcasts from various sources. We believe that contrasting information and expanding knowledge are always fundamental pillars of a critical and real education.

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Limited-time launch price.
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Original price was: $425.Current price is: $250.