Academic Course Offerings on Cannabis

Explore our extensive and diverse academic offerings in the exciting field of cannabis. At The Amsterdam Institute, we take pride in presenting a selection of courses and programs designed to provide you with top-notch education in this fascinating industry. If you’re seeking comprehensive and up-to-date training in the world of cannabis, you’ve come to the right place.

At The Amsterdam Institute, we recognize the importance of staying current in a constantly evolving field like cannabis. Our study materials are backed by up-to-date research and practical approaches, enabling you to acquire relevant and applicable skills in the real world. Additionally, our team of instructors and industry professionals is committed to providing you with an enriching and personalized educational experience.

Discover how you can become a part of this exciting industry through our specialized cannabis courses. Explore our academic offerings and embark on your journey towards comprehensive training in one of today’s most exciting and rapidly growing fields.

Join us and get ready to cultivate your knowledge in the world of cannabis!

With 80 hours of classes led by top experts in the cannabis industry, the Master’s in Cannabis Business Specialty will allow you to gain precise knowledge about the peculiarities of the cannabis industry and its main challenges.

Online | 75h

17 hours where world experts will show you the essential keys on cannabis regulatory policies. In addition, you will understand the history of drug prohibition and the cannabis plant from a biological perspective.

Online | 17h

The Master’s in Medicinal Cannabis is an academic program specifically designed for healthcare professionals who want to explore the potential of cannabis for medical purposes and the opportunity to create businesses in the healthcare sector.

Online | 30h