The Amsterdam Institute believes in excellence. That’s why we have brought highly qualified and experienced teachers to our team. From entrepreneurs to lawyers, from biologists to doctors, and from economists to anthropologists, Amsterdam Institute has managed to bring together industry leaders so that you can learn everything you need to know about the sector and elevate your knowledge to an expert level in the field.

Adam Jacques

A world-renowned expert in unique cannabis strains He has developed over 300 high-CBD cannabis strains. He is recognized as the most influential person in the Canadian and Northwestern cannabis industry. His passion for helping those in need has had a significant impact on the lives of patients and has contributed to the enactment of laws to facilitate access to medical cannabis, such as the “Leni’s Law” in Alabama.

Adán de Salas

Neuroscientist specialized in the endocannabinoid system and medicinal cannabis. PhD from Complutense University of Madrid, researching the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. Former member of the Board of Directors of SEIC (Spanish Society for Cannabinoid Research). Postdoctoral researcher in cancer and electrophysiology at renowned institutions. Provides education and support in medicinal cannabis.

Arnau Valdovinos

With experience in strategic consulting and market intelligence, he provides commercial support and delivers personalized intelligence to medical, pharmaceutical, recreational, and CBD companies. He is a Senior Consultant at CannaMonitor, specializing in advising clients in the cannabis space, including market research, business strategy, regulations, and policies, ensuring safety and confidence in cannabis businesses.

Aura Marixa Guerrero Liñeiro

She is a medical anesthesiologist and a specialist in Pain Medicine. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Colombian Society for the Study of Pain and various international institutions. She coordinates research and epidemiology in countries within the Latin American Federation of Pain Societies. She has also served as a professor in the Medical Use of Medicinal Cannabis Diploma at the Universidad del Rosario.

Beau Whitney

He is a prominent cannabis market analyst, providing analysis and guidance on the industry’s economy and trends. With over 15 years of experience as a business consultant at Whitney Economics, he is cited in media and invited to speak at conferences on the subject.

Bernardo Soriano

As the Co-CEO of S&F Abogados, he leads cannabis, hemp, and CBD projects in Spain. He provides consulting services and support to companies in the sector and serves as a spokesperson for Regulación Responsable, advocating for comprehensive cannabis regulation in the country. He has appeared before the Spanish Congress, the European Parliament, and various regional parliaments to share his expertise.

Borja Iribarne

Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations, with extensive experience in Digital Marketing and Business Development. He is the CEO and Founder of Profesor CBD, a leading CBD project according to Forbes. He is also an investor in high-impact projects and a teacher at The Valley Talent.

Carey Fried

Experienced in B2B SaaS startup marketing. She has served as the Vice President of Marketing at iCAN in Israel and currently oversees the marketing strategy and business development at Quantum Media Group, LLC.

Carlos Goicoechea

He is a Doctor in Pharmacology and a Professor at a university. He teaches Pharmacology in various degree programs and has developed doctoral and master’s programs. He is a researcher in pain, nociception, and the development of analgesics.

Carmen Amezcua

Over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and consumer industry in Latin America, specifically in the Medical Affairs area. Has worked for three of the leading global pharmaceutical companies, leading strategic projects with notable local and global results. Additionally, has experience in compliance leadership in healthcare, medical education, pharmacovigilance, and medical operations.

Christian West

With extensive knowledge in genetics and cultivation techniques, he shares his expertise by educating producers and entrepreneurs worldwide. He has designed and implemented large-scale production facilities for medical and recreational markets. Currently, he is focused on adapting his techniques to hemp cultivation for ZED Therapeutics.

Christopher Tasker

Founder of Global Cannabinoid Solutions, he is an expert in medical cannabinoid research. His research has explored the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids in colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. He supports informed debate and education on cannabis in the United Kingdom, as well as harm reduction strategies and drug law reform.

Daniel Echevarría-Alemán

He is an expert in Public Administration and Communication Policies. He serves as the Co-Director of the Latin American Cannabis Observatory and advises on Drug Policy in Public Policies at The Amsterdam Institute. His focus is on the economics, society, and international relations aspects of the cannabis industry.

Daniel P. Stein

Neurologist and founder of Neurology of Cannabis in 2017. He has treated over 4,600 patients, specializing in medical marijuana. He provides guidance to patients with various medical conditions and participates in conferences to promote education on the endocannabinoid system and cannabis interactions with our body.

Dr. Yewande Okuleye

As a chemist and former researcher at Body Shop International, she developed innovative and ethical products for personal care. As a professor and doctor specializing in medicinal cannabis, she focuses on educating about hemp, cannabis, cannabinoids, terpenes, and psychedelics, while exploring the relationship between humans and plants.