Medical Cannabis

Master’s in Medicinal Cannabis is an academic program specifically designed for healthcare professionals who want to understand the potential of cannabis for medical purposes and the possibility of creating businesses related to health. With this Master’s, you will gain an understanding of the endocannabinoid system and its peculiarities, guided by experts in biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, psychiatry, or psychology.

Additionally, you will receive guidance from experts in the field of medicinal cannabis business, so that you know how to embark on entrepreneurship and offer your skills for the benefit of society.

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Learn the historical, epidemiological, and scientific foundations of cannabis consumption for medical purposes and understand the evolution of this field in societies and the world.

Picture of Daniel Pedro Wong 🇵🇪

Daniel Pedro Wong 🇵🇪

History of Cannabis Use as Medicine

Picture of Patricio Silva 🇨🇱

Patricio Silva 🇨🇱

Epidemiology of Cannabis Consumption

Picture of Paola Cubillos 🇨🇴

Paola Cubillos 🇨🇴

Scientific evidence

Understand the specific actions of cannabinoids on the endogenous and exogenous endocannabinoid system, as well as the physiological effects of cannabinoids in our body, in order to comprehend the significance of this system in our organism.

Picture of Franjo Grotenhermen 🇩🇪

Franjo Grotenhermen 🇩🇪

Fundamentals of the Endocannabinoid System

Picture of Summer Krieghauser 🇺🇸

Summer Krieghauser 🇺🇸

Social Narrative of Cannabis

Picture of Adán de Salas 🇪🇸

Adán de Salas 🇪🇸

Physiological Actions of Cannabinoids

Gain knowledge of pharmacology, pain, cannabis administration routes, cannabinoids, and their pharmacological interactions, to understand how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

Picture of Carlos Goicoechea 🇪🇸

Carlos Goicoechea 🇪🇸

Pharmacology and Pain

Picture of Daniel Pedro Wong 🇵🇪

Daniel Pedro Wong 🇵🇪

Administration Routes

Picture of Marixa Lieñeiro 🇨🇴

Marixa Lieñeiro 🇨🇴

Cannabinoids and their Pharmacological Interactions

Understand how cannabis can assist in the treatment of neurological, gastroenterological, and oncological diseases, among others. Furthermore, with this subject, you will comprehend the use of cannabis in obstetrics and gynecology.

Picture of Daniel P. Stein 🇺🇸

Daniel P. Stein 🇺🇸

Neurological Diseases I

Picture of Kaeli Zimmermann 🇩🇪

Kaeli Zimmermann 🇩🇪

Neurological Diseases II

Picture of Christopher Tasker 🇬🇧

Christopher Tasker 🇬🇧

Gastroenterological Diseases, Obstetrics, and Gynecology

Picture of Max Alzamora 🇵🇪

Max Alzamora 🇵🇪


Analyze the relationship between psychology and cannabis by delving into the understanding of the human brain, neurotransmitters, emotional states, and how cannabis can be used to treat conditions such as anxiety spectrum disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autism, or epilepsy.

Picture of Genís Oña

Genís Oña

Psychology and Cannabis

Picture of Juan Manuel Orjuela 🇨🇴

Juan Manuel Orjuela 🇨🇴

Understanding the Human Brain

Picture of Kaeli Zimmermann 🇩🇪

Kaeli Zimmermann 🇩🇪

Neurotransmitters and Emotional States

Picture of Silvina Schauffele 🇦🇷

Silvina Schauffele 🇦🇷

Picture of Marta Braschi 🇦🇷

Marta Braschi 🇦🇷

Picture of Carmen Amezcua 🇲🇽

Carmen Amezcua 🇲🇽

Picture of José Crippa 🇧🇷

José Crippa 🇧🇷

Learn to understand that the patient is a world of their own, the potential side effects of cannabinoids, as well as the appropriate method of prescribing cannabis to your patients, and understanding the best product manufacturing characteristics for assessment and selection.

Picture of Elizabeth Dost 🇺🇸

Elizabeth Dost 🇺🇸

The Patient: A World in Itself I

Picture of John Malanca 🇺🇸

John Malanca 🇺🇸

The Patient: A World in Itself II

Picture of Mara Gordon 🇺🇸

Mara Gordon 🇺🇸

Dosage, Manufacturing, and Product Assessment

Picture of Daniel Pedro Wong 🇵🇪

Daniel Pedro Wong 🇵🇪

Side Effects of Cannabinoids

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will be able to access the course today itself. Once the payment is made, you will receive an access email that will allow you to log in to the educational platform where you will find all the necessary content to start this adventure.

The master’s degree has a total duration of 80 hours. You will set the pace of learning. However, if you dedicate an average of 30 minutes per day, the estimated time to complete would be approximately 4 months.

At The Amsterdam Institute, we believe in providing the opportunity to learn to all individuals, regardless of their previous education. However, as it is a Master’s degree specialized in Medicine, it would be advisable to have prior knowledge in Medicine, Pharmacology, or Biology.

Yes, there is.

You will receive a certification as a specialist in Medicinal Cannabis.

The academic program is delivered online. We have recorded high-quality video sessions with industry professionals that you can watch at your own pace and at any time. In addition, we complement our training with live sessions and webinars that you can access once enrolled in our programs.

At The Amsterdam Institute, we believe that the best way to evaluate yourself is within you.
We base our learning approach on gamification, which means teaching through games. Once you have completed the modules, you can test your knowledge through “escape rooms” with questions about the sessions you have watched.

In addition, you will need to complete a series of practical cases per module that will be evaluated by our team of assessors.

You set your own pace. From the moment of your enrollment, you will have a full year to watch the videos and access all the content.

Yes, there is.

These programs are designed so that you can study while balancing other aspects of your life. Meetings with tutors will be scheduled according to your availability, allowing you to organize your time effectively.

We offer personalized tutoring to students to address their doubts and concerns. Although we are an online program, we believe in providing individualized attention to ensure success.

Additionally, we have an extensive virtual library carefully selected to support and complement the videos. This way, you can expand your knowledge with numerous articles and podcasts from various sources. We believe that information verification and knowledge expansion are essential foundations of critical and authentic education.

We are not a University Master’s program, nor are we regulated as such. We are a proprietary training program that aims to adapt to the needs and circumstances of our students through microlearning and gamification methodologies.

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